I attended the concluding day of the two – day session of Sikkim Legislative Assembly.

The Eight Bills which were introduced in the House yesterday were unanimously passed by the House.
During my vote of thanks, I shared that the Bills passed by the House will have a very positive impact on the future of the people of Sikkim.

Following are some of the highlights of my speech:-

1. The Sikkim Panchayat (Amendment) Bill passed today will provide for 20% reservation to Bhutia- Lepcha (BL) community in urban local bodies and Panchayatiraj institutions just as in case of Assembly seats.

2. The Sikkim Regulation of Transfer of Land (Amendment) Bill is a historic decision taken by our Government to give protection and security to other communities similar to that of BLs under Revenue Order No 1.

3. National Law University (Amendment) Bill will allow us to establish National Law University in Sikkim. This will enable our students from the weaker section of the society to study Law under the State’s own university.

4. We have often been alleged of creating fractions in the Nepali community in Sikkim. But here I want to make it clear that there are 814 tribes in our Country, created under the Constitution. In Sikkim, our Government has included Bahun, Chettri and Newar communities in the State OBC list, which is our earnest endeavour to provide these tbree communities equal rights and reservations like Central List OBCs and Scheduled Tribes.

5. We have worked very hard for the progress and development that the State has witnessed in the last 24 years in all spheres. Our State has gained global recognition and appreciation for many of our initiatives. Sikkim today figures as one of the top – 10 tourist destinations of the world. We have ensured peace and security to our people. Sikkim is the premier state in the North- East and ranks 3rd overall in the Nation. However, my fellow citizens must not take these achievements and present status of the State for granted. People must work in close co- operation with the Government to give continuity to the peace and progress that the State enjoys at the moment.

6. I also took the opportunity to thank all the officers and staff of Agriculture and Horticulture Departments for making our Organic Mission successful, while appealing to all to contribute towards solving the few teething problems that are being faced right now.