I attended the 38th Foundation Day celebrations of ‘Sirijunga Yakthung Sakthim Phojumbo’ (SYSP) today at Limboo Culture Bhawan in Tharpu, West Sikkim.

SYSP is not only one of the oldest cultural organisations of the Limboo community, but it has also served as a centre for preservation of culture and heritage of all communities. I appealed to the people, especially the youth to come forward and contribute towards strengthening the organisation.

I talked on the oneness of all human beings.We as humans are all born equal. It is only the man-made barriers like caste, creed and religion that divide us. We should all forget these divisions and live as one single united entity .

Speaking to the youth, I asked them to hone their skill and capacity, and to have positive mindset to make their future bright and successful. I also urged them to be more productive, competitive and creative in order to sustain in this modern world. I urged them to avail the opportunities provided by the Government.

We have revolutionised organic agriculture and given it a new definition. Even the United Nations Organisation has recognised Sikkim’s Organic model as the future of world agriculture. I urged the youth to adopt organic farming which offers wide and varied scope as a form of gainful employment.

Speaking to the Limboo and Tamang communities, I asked them to compare the privileges and other benefits granted to them during the previous regimes and under the SDF Government. They should appreciate everything that our Government has done to uplift and empower them and to bring them at par with other communities of the State. On the issue of Assembly seat reservation for the two communities, I reiterated that it will surely be resolved and that too pretty soon.They should also remember that the SDF Party has till now always ensured representation from the two communities even in the absence of any reservation policy.

I sanctioned a community hall at Limboo Cultural Bhawan premises. I also informed that all demands related to roads placed by the public during the 32’ days tour have been sanctioned. Other demands will be sanctioned by 15th September.