Attended the Gram Swaraj Abhiyan popularly known as Janta Mela at Rhenock Senior Secondary School Ground, Kyongsa to distribute tokens for various schemes to the beneficiaries of four constituencies of East District viz. Rhenock, Chujachen, Gnathang-Machong and Namcheybong.

I presented tokens for CMRH Schemes, LPG connection, community development fund, land-bank schemes, homestay, samajik sewa bhatta, milching cows, GCI sheets, proud mother scheme, pressure cookers and many other welfare schemes.
Janta Mela is the earnest effort of the State Government to fulfill the basic necessities of the underprivileged persons through welfare benefits to enable them to lead a dignified life. The Government has spent a total of Rs.700 cores for these schemes.

I made the announcement that from the year 2018 onwards, farmers in the State attaining the age of 50 and those who are solely dependent on agriculture will be granted Krishi Bhatta/Pension.

I also informed that various pensions under various categories have been revised as under w.e.f.1st July, 2017.
1. Old Age Pension- persons of 60 to 70 years – Rs.1000, 70 to 80 years – Rs.1500 and those above 80 years to be given Rs.2000.
2. Samajik Sewa Bhatta has been increased to Rs.1500.
3. Unmarried Woman Pension to be made Rs. 2000.
4. Pension for Physically Challenged to be increased to Rs. 1500.
5. Daily wages for MR employees – Rs.300 per day
6. Proud Mother Scheme – Rs.6000 after first baby and Rs. 10,000 after second baby.