Inaugurated the 3-day long ‘Rabong Cho-Dzo Fest 2018’, organised at Cho-Dzo lake premises.

Commending the organizers for the festival, I stated that the newly up-graded Cho-Dzo lake enhances the tourist attraction of not only Rabongla but also the entire South District. It will also help to boost tourism- related activities in Rabongla and create innumerable employment avenues. Our youth should grab this opportunity and take up tourism as profession for gainful returns. The Government has constructed this infrastructure for the benefit of the local people. Hence, now the people of the locality, especially the younger generation must take ownership of this property and see it as their prime responsibility to protect and maintain this tourist spot.

Sikkim has been recognised worldwide as the first organic state. We are now global leaders in practising organic farming. In the coming days, the demand for organic produce will increase by manifolds. So, I urged the officials, farmers and every citizen to make optimum use of their land for cultivation of crops and not to leave any land fallow and barren. Sikkimese farmers have to take the benefits offered by organic farming. Our youth should take the advantage of the organic brand of the State by endorsing our exclusive produce through value addition and marketing.

I also made it known to all that how good governance has resulted in unprecedented growth in sectors like education, health, agriculture, tourism and women empowerment. We have maintained peace, security, law and order in the state , which are the main reasons for huge increase in tourists visiting Sikkim. Now it is the duty and responsibility of all Sikkimese people to come together as a single united entity to protect and maintain the peace and security of the State in order to give continuity to our progress and development.

I informed the gathering that all the demands placed during 32 days’ tour have been sanctioned. Grants for over 900 various religious institutes, over 8,000 protective wall works, repairing of Schools and ICDS Centres and about 1400 km of new roads have also been sanctioned.

I made the following announcements:-

1. Construction of ropeway from Buddha Park to Cho-Dzo Lake, underground rock museum of three ethnic communities of Sikkim and meditation centre.

2. Deployment of Organic Resource Persons and Marketing Assistants to every Gram Panchayat Unit to assist our local farmers.

3. Janta Mela to be started from 17th December 2018 onwards.

4. One job for one family either on adhoc or MR basis to be provided within December 2018.

5. Distribution of pension to farmers ( male/ female) of Rs. 1,000 above the age of 50 years after Diwali at Saramsa Gardens.

On the occasion, I also presented land parcha under Land Bank scheme to 19 earthquake affected families of Borong Dhargoan.