Inaugurated Paruhang-Sumnima Mangkhim at Aho-Senti, East Sikkim and offered prayers for the wellbeing of people of Sikkim.
Following are some of the highlights of my address:-
1. Our Constituion gives us the right and freedom to follow any faith and religion of our choice. We should therefore, while professing any religion, aim towards doing good deeds for the welfare and well-being of all sentient beings.
2. Our Government has been a secular Government in letter and spirit. We have given equal importance to all religions and faiths practised in Sikkim. A large number of Mandirs, Gompas, Churches, Yuma Mangheem and Mangkhim have been constructed.
3. Urged the gathering to take up organic farming which is a life and earth saving profession.
4. Informed about the recent steps being taken by the Government for the benefit of our farmers,viz
a) Free A/C vans are being intoduced to collect and transport organic produce for sale from rural areas.
b) Distribution of grass cutting/crushing machines for preparation of compost/organic manure.