Inaugurated and unveiled the 36 ft tall statue of Mahatma Sirijunga Teyongsi on his 313th Birth Anniversary at Yumang Thegu, Hee Kengbari in West Sikkim. Built at a cost of about Rs.13.95 crore, this bronze statue is the second highest statue in the world.
The Complex also houses a Study Centre and will now be used for preservation and promotion of Limboo language, tradition, culture and heritage.This place will be symbolic of Mahatma Sirijunga, who will always be remembered for his immense contributions towards the upliftment of his community through literature.

In my address, I emphasized the fact that due to the policy of inclusive politics of the State Government, inclusive and holistic development of each and every community of the State has been guaranteed. Today all the three ethnic communities of Sikkim stand united and live in perfect harmony; and it is imperative that this solidarity continues in future as well.

I urged the people, particularly the Limboo community to utilise this place for further promotion of Limboo language and culture, so that it gains global recognition.I also spoke on the welfare measures/policies/programmes initiated by the State Government towards upliftment of the Limboo community of the State.

I thanked all the land owners for their selfless contribution for this complex and suggested that henceforth, names of land doners for all projects (ongoing and future) be inscribed at the premises/complex.

Referring to my official Facebook Page, I urged everyone to make full use of it by expressing their greviances/suggestions/complaints both personal and departmental, without any hesitation whatsoever, on which, I assured to take prompt and needful action.