I inspected the site for the proposed state-of-the-art library- ‘Gyanmandir,’ which is the present location of Millenium Park, Gangtok.

Putting forward my suggestions to the officials of the Buildings & Housing Department and other line departments, I told them to make this project one of the best modern infrastuctures and also to ensure that it is eco-friendly.

I gave the following directions:-
1. Library to include both indoor and outdoor facilities to the readers.
2. Top floor to be made a complete Digital Library section.
3. Approach road to Radio Station to be changed to another direction.
4. The State Guest House to be reconstructed with 50 rooms.
5. DC and Police Officers’ Quarters to be re-located.
6. To construct an Art Galary in the premises. (DPR to be submitted).
7. UD&HD department to find a suitable land for building a beautiful park.

Later in the day, I attended the screening of ‘Ralang Road’, a Nepali film written and directed by our local talent, Shri Karma Takapa at Vajra Cinema Hall.