On the third day of my tour to the West District, I visited Rinchenpong Constituency and attended a public meeting.

Addressing the gathering, I spoke on the fact that our people are yet to understand the real meaning of development. Many people are under the misconception that getting personal grants and benefits from the Government, such as free LPG cylinders, pressure cookers, livestock or construction of houses, house upgradation, distribution of ginger and other crops for cultivation, greenhouses, financial assistance of various kinds ,etc is development. However, these are not development in the true sense of the word. They are kind of relief distributed by the Government to ease the hardships faced by the people; and the people should utilize these assistance and work towards converting them into development.

Similarly, I tried to explain, especially to the youths and younger generation that real development is also becoming knowledgeable, self- reliant, skilled, being aware of your rights and responsibilities and being capable.
The State has seen massive infrastructural growth and development, with each and every facility coming to the doorsteps of the people. Now, it becomes the duty of our young brothers and sisters to make use of these infrastructural developments in becoming self- reliant and also for overall betterment of the area.

I am extremely sincere and dedicated towards the well-being of Sikkim and the Sikkimese people. I stated that I have only one agenda and that is, overall and sustainable development of Sikkim and our people. I sought the help and co-operation from every citizen to achieve my goal of making Sikkim a model state of India.

I also reiterated that educational institutions will not make anyone knowledgeable but only educated. Therefore, instead of going for certificate- oriented education, our students should go for life- oriented education and become knowledgeable and capable human resource for our State.

Talking about health being the ultimate wealth for the people, I asked the concerned department and the authorities, including doctors, to conduct a complete health check- up of our people through CATCH (Chief Minister’s Annual Comprehensive Annual and Total Check up) programme, which we started way back in 2010.

I also informed that when we came to the helm of affairs in 1994, the average life expectancy of a person was 62 years but today it is 72 years, which means that the average age of the Sikkimese people has increased by a decade. This is only due to the improved health care we have provided to our people, and this is also real development.

Rinchenpong falls under rain shadow and hence face the problem of shortage of water. Therefore, I appealed to the people of the area to adopt rain water harvesting methods to solve this problem.

I informed the gathering that we will also be distributing livestock, including buffalos from this year.
Talking about organic farming, I appealed to the people of Rinchenpong to take it as a mission and not leave any agricultural land barren. They should try and grow fruits and vegetables or any other crop which has huge demand not only in the State and the Country but internationally as well. I asked them to make a collective effort and have a sense of ownership to maintain our status of a fully-organic state.

Following are some of the announcements that I made:
1. Construction of Statue of Unity in Rinchenpong Constituency.

2. Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Parks and Gardens to be constructed.

3. Construction of VLW Office at Deythang.

4. Construction of Community Hall at Mangalbaria.

5. Construction of CC footpath to be taken up by Panchayats in rural areas and in urban areas by the Nagar Panchayats.

6. ICDS centres to be constructed wherever required in the constituency.

7. Construction of all new Mandir, Manghim, Mangkhim, Gumpa and Church in the constituency to be taken up.

8. Graveyard to be created in the vacant government lands of the constituency.

9. Prohibition on allotment of government lands to individuals in urban areas of the State.

10. Upgradation of Khanisirbong Secondary School to Senior Secondary School.

11. All protective works and jhora training works to be taken up in the interest of the people and not to benefit individuals or contractors.

12. Community playground, community hall etc to be built only on unutilized government lands.

13. Janta Mela will be organised this year also.