On the second day of my tour to the West District, I visited Soreng-Chakung Constituency and attended a public meeting.

Addressing the gathering consisting of local gentries, youths and students, I reiterated the fact that Sikkim is the first Organic State and we have prohibited the entry of all the inorganic fruits and vegetables to the State. This means that from now onwards our farmers will have an open market to sell their organic produce. They should grab the opportunity with both hands and use it to their advantage to become economically empowered. Our farmers should consider themselves fortunate as they will have a large market for their organic produce not only in the State and the Country but also abroad. I also informed them that agriculture is the only profession which can never become outdated, and growing organic products will not only fetch them good price but also get them respect and recognition.

I urged the people from the region to have a sense of belonging and ownership and work in tandem for the overall development of the State. If we work with positive attitude and right mind- set, our State can become the number one state in the Country as we are already the premier state in the North East and 3rd in the Country.

I informed that in the last 24 years of our Government, one of the most significant changes that the State has witnessed is gender equality. We have given equal rights and security to women in our State, and they have been substantially empowered. Women in our State lead a life of respect and dignity unlike many other places where women are still considered the inferior gender.

With a number of innovative policies and programmes, Sikkim is now a vibrant State with its own brand name. Our people should therefore, work towards keeping intact and maintaining the name and recognition we have earned for the State .

Talking to the students, I advised them to be sincere in their studies and also urged them to take up job- oriented courses to get job placements right after they finish their studies. I also informed them that if they want job placements then they should join ATTC & CCCT as the Government has decided to provide free education to our students in these two institutes.

Speaking on some of the major developments that have taken place in the State in the last two decades, I informed that human development is the biggest and the most important development and in Human Development Index Sikkim ranks number one in the Country. I also stated that in the last 24 years of our government, the life expectancy of our people has risen from 62 years in the year 1994 to 72 years in the year 2017, which no doubt is a great achievement.

Following are some of the announcements that I made:-
1. All unused government sites of the State to be allotted to the landless ‘sukumbasis’.

2. MBBS course in the upcoming Medical College of the State will be free of cost for Sikkimese students.

3. Free mobile phones will be provided to all class XII students of Government schools.

4. Each and every households of the State to be made self-sufficient in producing food grains and vegetables within 5 years.

5. Financial assistance of Rs. 3000 /-per month to be granted for TB patients of the State. Further, Rs. 1000/- will be given to those who inform/report any case of TB.

6. Bank overdraft to be provided by the State Government for the educated youths of the State who want to carry out contractual works. This step is being taken in order to encourage our local people to become Contractors and stop the trend of contractual works being taken up by people from outside the State.

7. Construction of BAC Office at Chumbung.

8. Sanctioned in- principle Veterinary College at Soreng.

9. All demands for roads and drinking water supply works under Soreng- Chakung constituency to be considered and DPR to be submitted to the Government within 1 month and within 2 months the works should start.

10. All contractual works for developing infrastructures in the constituency to be allotted to local youths.