Continuing with ‘ Jan Sampark Abhiyan’, today I met and interacted with the people of Upper Burtuk constituency at Khel Goan, Reshithang.

Through this ‘Abhiyan’, the Government along with the entire State machinery is reaching out to the people at their door-steps to have a better understanding of their grievances, demands and other requirements. It is also our endeavour to assess whether our developmental initiatives, formulated towards providing facilities/welfare assistance to the people are meeting our desired objective. We also want speedy redressal of all concerns voiced by the people. Further,
for the well-being of all sections of Sikkimese society, the State Government is putting in every effort to provide better future, better living standards and peaceful environment for our people. This further complements the principle of the SDF Government, which is pro-poor and pro-people.

Following are some of the highlights of my today’s speech:-

1. I stated that a new era of real development and prosperity began in Sikkim only after 12th December, 1994. This could be vividly seen in almost all spheres, particularly with regard to infrastructure development in sectors like tourism, Government offices, schools, etc. This has only been possible due to the people-centric vision and approach of our Government – a Government that believes in action and in doing our duty. Whatever promises we have made, we have fulfilled and delivered.

2. We have taken steps to identify and develop tourist – friendly places. Priority is given to feasible projects with innovative and creative approach, including those in the remotest corners of the State. I gave the particular instance of how Banjhakri Falls project was conceptualised and executed , which no one had ever thought of. Such projects have resultantly increased the value of land in the area and created many employment opportunities.I further informed that over 10,000 tourist – spot development projects involving village tourism, homestays, tourist villas, water-falls, would be taken up across the State to make Sikkim a premier tourist destination. This will further help our people to generate more income from this already profitable sector.

3. Just as Ranka and its surrounding places are directly linked with modern facilities, public amenities and opportunities of Gangtok, the same facilities shall also be extended to other places in Sikkim so that the people of those regions will also have equal access to all these modern, urban facilities.

4. I called upon the Government officers to be proactive in their assigned tasks and also in implementation of programmes initiated for the people of the State. They must work with people – centric approach, be aware of the problems/issues concerning the people and work towards solving them in the shortest possible time.

5. In Sikkim, people place their demands without any hesitation whatsoever. This is because they know that all their demands will surely be fulfilled by the Government. It is the trust and the faith that they have in our Government for meeting their hopes and aspirations. On our part too, we have always upheld their belief in us.

6. Sikkim is the only state where people enjoy all facilities and welfare measures without paying a single rupee as tax to the Government. All bonafide Sikkimese people are exempted from paying income tax since 2008, made possible by the efforts of our Government . I informed that the State Government is working towards granting similar exemption to the Old Settlers and RC holders at the earliest.

7. I sought the support, co-operation and contribution of students, youths and the people of the region to make Sikkim the best place to live in. I urged them to come forward and make optimum use of the schemes and opportunities created by the State Government. The youths of the State must be positive and constructive in their thoughts and actions. They must not fall prey to political opportunists who are trying their best to destroy the peaceful environment and communal harmony of Sikkim , by spreading misleading/unfounded information. Educated youths must be aware of the hidden agendas of all such political outfits having their roots outside the State. Their only aim is to fragment and divide the united Sikkimese society by politicising sensitive issues like caste and religion.

I made the following announcements:-

i. Janta Mela to be conducted for the people of urban areas, business community and ‘lamas’(monks) of East and North District at Reshithang on 28th June and for South and West District at Jorethang on 29th June, 2018.

ii. Houses to be constructed by the Government for even those living in urban areas, possessing their own land.

iii. Demands for all new roads of the constituency sanctioned.

iv. Ex-gratia of Rs. 5 lakhs for paragaliders meeting fatal injury or being physically handicapped and Rs. 1 lakh for those sustaining minor injury.

v. All three demands for development of waterfalls project sanctioned.

vi. Upgradation of schools of the constituency wherever necessary.

vii. Technical and Non- Technical jobs( Group D) at the upcoming Multi-speciality hospital to be given to the people of this constituency.

viii. All demands related to supply of drinking water, protective works, jhora training works and other related demands of the Panchayats sanctioned. 1st phase of the work to be undertaken within a month.