I attended the ‘Janta Mela’ at Soreng public ground and distributed tokens of about 40 various items and welfare schemes to the beneficiaries of 5 Block Administrative Centres under Soreng Sub-Division, viz BAC Kaluk, BAC Mangalbaria, BAC Daramdin, BAC Chumbung-Chakung and BAC Soreng.

The concept of ‘Janta Mela’ was introduced by our Government, and nowhere will you find such a mass ‘mela’ organized for distribution of welfare grants/benefits for improving the living condition of the people, particularly the downtrodden in the rural areas. This also shows the commitment, sincerity and honesty of the Government in serving the people of Sikkim.

In my address, I informed that the State Government has formulated many developmental policies and programmes to fulfil the basic needs of the people. We have provided them with the best facilities for social security, health care, education, food and shelter as well as guaranteed them their democratic rights, which are the key factors for a decent living.

I made a special mention on the steps taken for the welfare of the elderly people, like old age pension, distribution of blankets and construction of old age homes in all the districts. We must not forget that the old and the aged need our constant love and care. They must be treated with respect and veneration. I urged everyone to look after their grand parents, parents, elders, and take responsibility of their well-being.

I appealed to the MLAs, Panchayats, ADCs and BDOs to consider only genuine beneficiaries for grant of welfare measures. They must also make sure that all households get atleast one benefit.

I also spoke at length about some founding members of the SDF Party feeling alienated or sidelined. I encouraged them not to be disheartened or disappointed as their contributions have never been forgotten. It is due to their efforts that we have got the people’s mandate for five consecutive terms during which our Government has achieved tremendous progress and development for the State. There is no doubt that without the valuable support of our esteemed founder members, Sikkim would never have seen the transformation from a poor backward state to the most progressive state. I therefore urged the founding members of our Party to work with the same spirit and enthusiasm like the early days in the upcoming elections. I assured to meet them personally and look into their personal concerns/grievances in person after the formation of the next Government.

Earlier in the morning, I laid the foundation stone for the construction of Fire Station at Singling.