I attended the ‘Janta Mela’ at Kyongsa Ground, Gyalshing today, where I distributed tokens of various welfare grants to the beneficiaries under 5 Block Administrative Centres of Gyalshing, Dentam, Chongrang, Hee- Martam and Yuksom, and also to the beneficiaries of Gyalshing Municipal Council. This is the concluding day of the series of ‘Janta Melas’ being held at different places all over the State.

I thanked all the Ministers, MLAs, Chairpersons, Zilla Adhyakshas, Up- Adhyakshas, Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors, Panchayats, Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretaries, Secretaries, DCs, SPs, ADCs, SDMs, BDOs and all the officials and staff of various departments for their valuable support and contribution in successfully conducting the ‘Janta Mela’ at all venues. I directed the concerned officials to hand over all the grants to the beneficiaries by 15th February.

Earlier in the morning, I inaugurated the newly constructed OBC Girls Hostel at the premises of Government Girls Senior Secondary School Kyongsa and dedicated it to the students of the school.