I laid the foundation stone for the statue of Lord Parshuram at Barang,Tumin in East Sikkim.

When completed, this will be the first and the only statue of Lord Parshuram in the country. With this project, Sikkim will have yet another pilgrimage-cum- tourist destination, which will increase the market value of the locality. It will also open up a host of employment opportunities related to tourism and business venture, for the local people, especially the youth. So, I called upon the people to take optimum advantage of the opportunities that would be created in the near future.

As every religion teaches us to follow the path of righteousness, I appealed to all to live in harmony with each other, without any prejudice or discrimination based on caste, creed, religion etc. We should have care and respect for each other as fellow human beings; and this has been our guiding principle in more than two decades of our governance. Our government has guaranteed rights and dues to every individual without any kind of discrimination whatsoever. Our policy of inclusive development has ensured equality for all. So, people should stay from negative forces who are putting doubts in their minds and misusing sensitive matters like caste, creed or religion.