My Dear Government Employees,

Over the last few months, I have come to understand that some of our State Government employees, specially the Group C&D are expressing their unhappiness regarding the Pay Committee recommendations. It must be remembered that as the Chief Minister, I take it as my responsibility to look after the needs and welfare of our employees, whom I consider the pillar of State administration as well as my partners in State-building. I therefore, felt it pertinent to hold deliberations so as to provide the best possible pay package to them. A meeting was thus called today at Samman Bhawan with the representatives of Group C& D employees.

I am happy to share with you the decisions taken:-
1. A Sub-Committee will be formed to examine and sort out the anomalies (if any) in the Pay Committee recommendations. Other grievances submitted will also be examined and addressed.

2. Arrears will be paid w.e.f. 1st January, 2016 and not from 1st January, 2017 as notified earlier.

3. Advance arrears will be paid during the forthcoming Dasain festival at the following rates:
i) Group A employees- Rs. 1.05 lakhs
ii) Group B employees – Rs. 95,000/-
iii) Group C employees- Rs. 50,000/-
iv) Group D employees- Rs. 40,000/-

4. Second Saturday will be a holiday.

5. Allowances will be payable from 1st September 2018 as notified.

6. Arrears will be disbursed in three annual installments as recommended by the Pay Committee.

In 24 years of our governance, we have endeavoured to provide the best of everything to our employees, be it in terms of salaries, promotions and other perks. So they should appreciate, be happy and satisfied with whatever they have received from the State Government so far. Our employees should remember that they do not contribute directly to the State as they draw their salaries from the State Ex-Chequer. Since they enjoy the benefit of Income Tax exemption, they have a huge advantage financially compared to their counterparts in other states and even in the Central Government departments.

All employees should realize that the State Government has gone out of its way in ensuring that their hopes and aspirations are fulfilled. Changing the date for payment of arrears alone has set the State back by Rs 354 crores- a huge amount of fund which could have been used for developmental projects. They must understand that the Government has limitations and can give benefits to certain extent only. Our Government has done the best possible for the employees and we will continue doing so.

The onus now lies on each and every State Government employee to perform his/her duties with more dedication, sincerity and honesty and transform themselves to be the most disciplined and able work force of the Country.

I seek your co-operation and assistance in taking Sikkim to greater glory!