I addressed the Italian Parliamentarians in Rome on 15th October, 2018 at the Italian Chamber of Deputies – Press Room in the Italian Parliament.

In my address, I reassured that if Sikkim could achieve the goal of 100 percent conversion from chemical based agriculture to organic agriculture, there is no reason why policy makers, farmers and community leaders cannot do the same elsewhere in the world. I also recounted the hardships and difficulties faced by us in the transformation process and said that due to strong political will, hard work and dedication, Sikkim was converted into total organic state in India and also the world, the announcement of which was formally done by the Indian Prime Minister in January 2016.

The Press Conference was also addressed by Dr. Vandana Shiva, President of Navdanya International, Member of World Future Council, Hon’ble Rossella Muroni, Hon’ble Filippo Gallinella, Hon’ble Federico Fornaro, Hon’ble Maria Chiara Gadda, among others. They praised the extraordinary achievement of Sikkim Government under my leadership and termed the achievement as the lighthouse , acting as if it were the beacon for all other states and world to make this earth 100 percent organic.