Most of you must be aware that the State Government has framed the policy of forging brotherhood relationship with trees which are located on their private holdings or on public land, by entering into a ‘mith’ or ‘mithni’ relationship. Under this policy, you can adopt a tree as your own child and the tree will be called an ‘adopted tree’. Or you can preserve a tree in remembrance of a departed relative in which case the tree shall be called a ‘smriti tree’. On doing so, you will be given a certificate by the Forests, Wildlife Environment Management Department. Further, felling of ‘adopted’ or ‘smriti’ trees are prohibited and violation of this rule will result to penalty under the relevant Act.

I once again call upon all of you to come forward and forge an eternal bond with trees – one of the most important constituents of our environment. You can contact Forests, Wildlife Environment Management Department for further details.

As I have shared with you earlier also, I have formed ‘mith’ with a rhododendron tree located at Mintokgang and I am sharing with you the picture of my certificate.