Inaugurated the 3-day long Namchi Mahotsav at Central Park, Namchi. Such an event is an ideal platform to showcase our tradition and customs, which have to be preserved, promoted and linked to tourism. I also inaugurated the Organic Outlet of the Horticulture and Cash Crops Development Department at Shopping Plaza in Namchi Bazaar.

In my address, I shared the fact that Sikkim’s diverse and rich culture must be advertised not only to boost tourism in the State, but should also be used as a tool to generate employment opportunities. Speaking on the various schemes and programmes of the State Government, I emphasized the fact that maintenance of peace and security is our priority in furthering the progress and development of Sikkim.

Addressing a large number of students and youths present, I encouraged them to work hard and take full advantage of free education provided by the State Government and spoke on the following:-

1. I exhorted them to adopt the work culture and hard-working nature of the people of developed countries instead of aping their fashion, food habits and lifestyle only. They should come forward and share my dream and vision of making Sikkim self-reliant and self-sufficient State in all spheres.

2. Stressing on the importance of being a good human being, I called upon them to endeavour towards being not only educated individuals but also doer of good deeds for humanity.

3. The youths must pro-actively engage themselves in activities related to branding and marketing of organic produce. As tender for Namchi Smart City Project would be floated very soon, I urged the educated youths to take part in it and contribute towards transforming Namchi into a world-class city.

I also informed that the Government may soon decide to put a ban on all inorganic products in a phase-wise manner. This step will help in increasing the demand of our locally grown organic produce, thereby benefitting the farming community of the State.