I was pleased to inaugurate the 3-day Namchi Mahotsav-2018 at Central Park, Namchi on 3rd November, 2018. On the occasion, I flagged off the Namchi Mahotsav Run – marathon for both girls and boys including junior boys. I also visited various stalls of all ethnic communities of the State showcasing our rich tradition and ethnic cuisines.

The objective of hosting such programmes is to preserve our rich heritage, tradition and culture. Festivals of this kind will foster tourism and further promote Sikkim as the best tourist-friendly destination. The Mahotsav should not be viewed merely as a routine Government function or associated with any individual or association, but as a celebration of our rich cultural heritage cutting across caste, creed or religion. It forms as an integral part of the unique identity of Namchi and the people of the region.Therefore, the organisers should think of taking the annual festival beyond the customary three days and convert it to a month-long programme involving modern day tourism and related activities with the participation of all stakeholders.

I informed that ropeway facility would be made functional from this month. I called upon the people of Namchi and its surrounding areas to be responsible citizens and work collectively towards making Namchi a model city. Today, Sikkim is being looked upon as leaders in many fields, with people from other parts of the world coming to the State to learn from us regarding many of our policies and programmes. I called upon the people of the locality to form ‘pilgrimage tourist circuit’ in South-West District so that tourist attractions and pilgrimage sites of all religions can be explored and discovered by tourists.

I made it known to the public that I am constantly working for the welfare and wellbeing of the people of Sikkim. There may be times that I may not be able to meet people personally due to my busy schedule and prior engagements. I am sure they understand this and not get upset. People should always remember that as their chosen leader, I am toiling hard day in, day out to secure the best future for Sikkim and the Sikkimese people. I may not be able to see each and every citizen in person, but everyone of them is in my heart always and I love them dearly.

The State has got global recognition for becoming the first fully organic state in the world and we have been showered with appreciation and accolades from all quarters.You all are aware that Sikkim was awarded the prestigious ‘Future Policy Gold Award’ recently in Rome, Italy. We have now become pioneers in organic farming. The organic brand must be taken as an opportunity by the people, especially the youth to reap maximum benefits.Till date the trend in Sikkim is that farming is the profession for the elderly only. This mindset has to change. It is time that the younger generation engage themselves in organic agriculture based activities. Additionally, our people also have to work towards becoming ‘producers’ instead of being ‘consumers’. It is the sellers who become masters and self-reliant, whereas a buyer remains dependent on others always. For this, our people must be ready to work hard and persevere.The State Government has created many opportunities for our people to become successful entrepreneurs in various fields.The only thing required now is for our people take advantage of these facilities by being diligent and industrious individuals.

I made the following announcements:-
1. Construction of one large ‘mandir’ at Namchi.
2. Construction of a community hall with all the modern facilities like library, underground parking, cafeteria etc.