I officially inaugurated the 110 MW Chujhachen Hydro Electric Power Project developed by GATI Infrastructure at Rongli today.

This state-of- the- art project is designed by Colenco, Switzerland and harnesses water flowing from Rongli and Rangpo rivers, making it the first of its kind to be built under any private ownership in the State. Apart from developing this region, the project also offers numerous benefits and opportunities directly to the people, such as employment, contractual works, road construction, micro-financing, local business etc.

With the production capacity reaching to almost 120 MW during the summer season, this is a viable power project that will further increase power generation and supply in Sikkim. Today, Sikkim stands second after Himachal Pradesh in terms of power generation. Once all the power projects of the State are commissioned, Sikkim would undoubtedly be the largest hydro power generating state in the Country.

I informed that when the SDF Government came to power in 1994, the total electricity generated was only 32 MW electricity. But today the total production is near about 3310 MW, with the State touching the 3000 MW mark within this year.

I reiterated that hydro power projects in Sikkim will continue to benefit Sikkim and the Sikkimese people for a long time in future years as these projects would serve as a sustainable form of revenue generation. It may be remembered that the MoUs signed by the State Government with the power developers provide for the power developers to supply 12% of its total production to the State Government for the initial 35 years. Thereafter, all infrastructure developed and created by the power developers would ultimately become the property of the State Government . There is even a clause in the agreement for returning the land to the landowners after the developers wind up their business.

I spoke on the fact that there can be no development without industrialisation. We need to understand that more industralisation means more opportunity for progress and development of the people and the State. The industrial revolution of 1760 in England made the western countries superior and developed in every sphere. Comparatively, it can be said that Sikkkm witnessed industralisation only after the SDF Government came to power, particularly after the year 2000, with the setting up of many industries including hydro power projects, pharma companies, educational institutes, hotels, among many others. This transformation is attributed to the State Government’s effort in making Sikkm an investor – friendly State by securing and maintaining peace and security in the State. A stable government, good governance, neat and clean environment, communal harmony and environment -friendly policies make Sikkim an ideal and condusive place for businessmen to invest and carry out their business activities.

I also announced for the distribution of free laptops to students of Classes X to XII as well as college level.