I attended Pabyuik Naitam Tourism Festival, 2018 at Government Secondary School ground, Pabyuik, East Sikkim.
I visited the stalls of three ethnic communities of the State, flower exhibition and other various stalls showcasing Sikkim’s rich culture and tradition.

I informed that with our consistent efforts and good governance, the State has made rapid strides in all spheres. Now it is time that people change their mindsets as per the need of the hour. As a pro-poor and pro-people Government, we have been fulfilling all the needs and necessities of the people of the State. We have given top priority to education, with our major objective being empowerment of students belonging to under-privileged families. We want such students to avail the opportunities granted by the Government, particularly in availing of free and qualitative education from primary to college level. From this year onwards, the Government would be spending an additional Rs.10 crores per year for sponsoring Sikkimese students studying at CCCT Chisopani in South Sikkim.

I called upon the youths to take up tourism and organic farming related activities to become successful entrepreneurs rather than being job seekers. I urged the people of the locality to take up tourism and organic farming related activities, which will give them good returns for their livelihood. I apprised the farming community of the State to gear up and be prepared to fulfill demands for vegetables in the State from 31st March, 2018. I also informed that a six-storied Market Complex called Organic Bazaar is nearing completion at Gangtok for rural farmers to sell their organic produce. I urged the people of Pabyuik Naitam to be pioneers in cultivating yam (‘ban tarul’) and rear deer in their homes just like sheep and goats, along with organic dairy farming.

I made the announcement of upgrading Pabyuik Naitam Secondary School to a full-fledged Senior Secondary School.

Earlier in the morning, I visited Pabyuik Gumpa and offered prayers.