As part of the ongoing Panchayat Election campaign, today, I attended the Public Meeting at Lameytar, Temi-Tarku in South Sikkim. I addressed the gathering consisting of six constituencies of South District, namely-Temi-Namphing, Berfung, Poklok-Kamrang, Namthang-Rateypani, Namchi-Singhithang and Melli.

Highlighting SDF Party’s policies and programmes, I spoke about progress in various sectors, especially with regard to women empowerment. Our party has been successful in granting the women of Sikkim their rightful dues, which should be appreciated by all.

I urged the people, particularly the youths to take up organic farming as a major profession which can also be a ‘life saving profession.’

I appealed to the people to cast their votes in favour of SDF, the best party for Sikkim and the Sikkimese people.