It was a wonderful moment for me to address the gathering of students, teachers, youth and local gentry today during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of Government Senior Secondary School, Soreng in West Sikkim. I also inaugurated the newly-built school library equipped with all the modern facilities in the new building complex. I also suggested for naming any of the school blocks or school multipurpose hall after Nain Singh Lama (Tamang), one of the founder members of this school.

At the outset, I congratulated the students, teaching fraternity and the public of Soreng on completion of 75 glorious years by the school, which has evolved over the years as an institution of repute. On the momentous occasion, I fondly remembered and paid tributes to all those who contributed towards establishing this educational institute, including the teaching staff who rendered invaluable service and were instrumental in creating the platform on where the institution stands today. I reminded everyone that nothing is permanent in life except for good deeds, which will remain for eternity. I called upon everyone to work selflessly for contributing towards the society and the State. These noble actions shall remain forever and will continue to serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come.

I spoke at length about the education sector in our State and where it stands today. The history of education in Sikkim is not more than 100 years. We lag far behind in education when compared to the rest of the world. However, in this short span of time, we have made rapid strides and progress. Education is free from primary to college level in Sikkim, which is nowhere to be found in any part of the world. This free education facilitates school and college students belonging to the marginalized sections of the society to avail of modern education. Besides, the other objective is to make our society a well-educated entity with a pool of capable human resource. We all are aware that the modern world is rife with competition- competition not only amongst people but competition of human beings with artificial intelligence and technology. Our students should therefore, be prepared to take up this huge challenge of the modern digital world. To equip our young minds, the Government has ensured that science and commerce subjects along with humanities are taught in all senior secondary schools in the State. I appeal to all the students to take advantage of this facility and reap the benefits.

I shared that all students have the potential to become successful individuals in any field they choose with hard work and perseverance. They should set high goals and move ahead with never-say-die attitude. Failures should not set them back but they should learn from their mistakes. Only if you falter, you will learn to stand up firmly with conviction. Moreover, the younger generation must not only aim at making their life successful but meaningful too. Only a meaningful life makes a person happy and contented. They should give up the traditional thinking of considering only government jobs as form of employment and venture into service sector, which has a host of opportunities for them to engage in. Modern day professions in specialised fields are in plenty. It is up to our youngsters to prepare themselves to be able to get employment in these profitable jobs.

Speaking on oneness and equality, I advised the students not to differentiate human beings on the basis of caste, creed, gender or religion as biologically we all are human beings falling under the species of homo-sapiens. We all have the same chromosome, body temperature, DNA; and we all go through the cycle of birth and death. This means that no person is different from another. As members of the human society, we all are the same and equal in all respects. Feelings of integrity and harmony should from a basis of the lives of our students, who are the future of Sikkim for our State to remain peaceful and secure in the coming days also.

Earlier in the morning, I unveiled the statue of Late NK Gurung at Siribadam in West Sikkim. He shall always be remembered by every one of us as a martyr of the SDF Party. His statue symbolizes the fact that the people of Sikkim will always remain united against evil forces with vested interests who try to destroy our peace and communal harmony.

At Soreng, I laid the foundation stone for the construction of Community Health Centre and also inaugurated the 102/108 integrated 24×7 ambulance service for West District.