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Thursday, June 20, 2019 09:57:23 IST
Compiled from various public meetings, meetings with party workers, interactions with students and local gentry, quotations of Pawan Chamling reflect his perspectives on life, politics, social justice, party, education, philosophy etc. Many of these lines have become slogans often used by people from all walks of life. Sayings such as “Jantaraj ma Jantai Raja” (People reign supreme in a democracy) and “Afno Goan Afai Banau” (You should be the one to mould your own village) have become synonymous with Shri Chamling.

OOrganic farming is non-violent agriculture.

AA person who gives excuses will never succeed.

NNo rules should clash with public interest.

MMy politics is to ensure that the Sikkimese people become the true owners of Sikkim.

IIf humanity becomes one, suffering will disappear from the world.

MMan must destroy injustice and not live in it.

NNothing is more beautiful than human life in this world.

AA person without ethical values is like a flower without fragrance.

TThe noblest work is to give the knowledge of livelihood to the poor.

TTo accept work means to attain freedom from laziness.

TTo fight for communal unity and equality is a pious struggle for protection of humanity.

PPeople should not become disposable cloth of exploiters.

TThe future of Man is dependent on the protection of the environment.

BBad thoughts and conduct are also corruption.

TThoughts are the source of all kinds of corruption.

MMan has to earn respect.

PPowerful is the Man who takes responsibilities!

NNo power can stop the desires and dreams of Man.

WWe need capability to use our rights.

AA teacher transcends politics, religion and caste.

AAll men work- some work with their bodies and some with their minds.

OOur life is not respectable unless we respect our work.

WWe should be responsibility-friendly and not post-friendly.

PPolitics is a matter of public interest.

PPolitics is collective thinking by the people for their rights and self-respect.

WWe should not decrease our Guru’s essence.

TTo compromise with one’s dignity is like dying when alive.

TTo confuse people is conspiracy and not politics.

RRevolution means a precedent.

RRevolution is a thought of precedence.

IIf forests are destroyed, Man will also perish.

TThe poor must sell their workforce to earn their livelihood.

WWe cannot imagine good governance without discipline.

IIt is necessary to bring material and ethical changes in Man’s life.

TThe noblest work is to give the knowledge of livelihood to the poor.

TTo accept work means to attain freedom from laziness.

TTo fight for communal unity and equality is a pious struggle for protection of humanity.

WWe must destroy all obstacles that come up on our path of Sikkim Nirman.

TThe development of the human race is possible only through scientific programmes.

SSustainable development is possible only by the judicious use of natural resources.

MMan is the creator of all problems and crises.

IIf the people of Sikkim are incapable, then owners will come from outside.

AA college is not a factory that churns degree holders. It is a temple that creates knowledgeable and educated persons.

OOur thoughts must be rich if we want to be rich. A Man becomes rich by his heart and not by his wealth.

WWe must make education a medium that makes masters and not servants.

KKnowledge and thoughts and not name or caste should be a Man’s identity.

MMan becomes independent through intellectual, mental, economic and social independence.

TTo take the process of Sikkim Nirman to a logical conclusion is to safeguard the future of Sikkim.

DDemocracy and Constitution give equal rights and opportunities to everyone. But they do not guarantee equal development and equal results for everyone. This is the irony of democracy and Constitution. That is why it is the responsibility of the citizens, especially students to create a civil society that can use and enjoy its rights.

WWe have tried with full dedication to bring social thoughts of Sikkimese character in politics.

TThe prosperity of the Sikkimese people is Sikkim’s dream.

TThe holistic development of the people on the basis of justice and equality is our political programme.

OOur greatness of our dreams will be reflected in the bright future of the people.

RRam Rajya is not possible unless we kill the Ravan of our hearts.

KKnowledge frees a person from the cage of thoughts.

WWe must believe in religion and work like King Vikramaditya did.

AA snake bites for its safety. But Man attacks/ bites anyone and everyone for his personal gain.

PPolitics is a struggle for collective welfare.

PPeople need justice and rights more than love and sympathy.

TThe main objective of education must be to learn the art of living.

MMan becomes handicapped because of ideological impediment.

SService to humanity is my religion and protection of Sikkim is my work.

DDevelopment is impossible without protection of the environment and a democratic atmosphere.

PPoverty is the biggest threat to peace and security.

DDevelopment is possible only with the proper use of source and medium.

TThe inclusive politics that we practise protects and benefits everyone.

DDeath is the end of dreams.

FFeudalistic thought is communalism.

CCommunalism is anti-mankind.

TThe main objective of power decentralisation is to make the people independent and self-governed.

EEducation makes a person disciplined.

EEducation lifts a Man above religion, politics and community.

SSociety is the collective family of humans.

IIn a democratic system, people are the owners of the country and the Government

EElection is the name of the democratic process of choosing the Government.

PPolitics is a medium to decide for the self.

EEducation makes us know ourself.

TThe biggest problem of Man is not to know himself.

TThoughts are the first enemy of Man.

LLife will be lively if we think about death the way we think about life.

MMaterial freedom without intellectual freedom is meaningless.

DDemocracy is incomplete without social justice.

FFreedom is the zenith of peace, happiness and bliss.

EEducation confers intellectual freedom.

LLife is a bridge that takes us from birth to death.

LLife is a journey between life and death.

CConstructive politics develops peace and security. Negative politics leads to destruction and sufferings.

WWe need skill, confidence and hard work for self-reliance.

RReligion gives us the inspiration to know the truth.

TThe objective of education is to develop knowledge, skill and power for self-confidence.

TTrue development is to make people self-governed.

IIgnorance is the biggest indigence.

IIt is the fault of vision if somebody always sees everything wrong. Such people have polluted the world.

II can never forsake my principles, policies and ideals.

AA country cannot become developed unless people get social justice.

SSocial injustice is a hurdle for development.

II do the kind of politics that wipes the tears of the poor and gives them justice and respect.

MMan is born to create happiness and peace. We must destroy our tears with our smile.

AA good Man is everybody’s relative.

GGood education makes the best human being.

PPeople’s hearts should be pure to make Sikkim beautiful.

PPeople mistake my humility for my weakness.

NNobody listens to the request and prayer of the poor. But everybody obeys the orders of the rich.

MMan cannot develop unless discrimination in the garb of religion and caste are destroyed.

MMy sole political aim is the establishment of a self- governed civil society.

TThe form of Nature is a reflection of God.

TTo live in harmony with Nature is true worship of God.

II want to make a society where nobody lags behind or is left out from the mainstream of Sikkim.

AA leader should love the people and treat them the way he treats his own children.

TThe relationship between a leader and the people should be like that between parents and children.

AAnyone who lies, cheats and betrays the people is not a leader.

TThere should be mutual trust between the leader and the people.

PPolitics is not a game of conspiracy and deceit. It is an alliance of knowledge and science.

AA leader who has fallen in the eyes of the people conspires to divide humanity.

WWhen a leader falls from grace, it is equal to committing suicide.

WWe did away with communalism and racism in Sikkim’s politics.

SSDF is the name of the political institute that stands for justice and equality and against injustice.

PPeople should be made the owners of power with peoples’ mandate.

WWe cannot even imagine good governance without discipline.

WWhatever position and responsibilities we get from the Party and the Government, should be used in the interest of the people.

TThe people must protest against questions and rumours put forth by their enemies.

SService to the people should be our duty and religion.

WWe must regard our elders as our family deity. We must respect and serve them.

OOur party must take the responsibility of building and safeguarding the destiny and future of Sikkim and the Sikkimese people.

SSocial equality is not possible without class equality.

MMy political principle is to work in coordination with the Central Government for Sikkim’s development and the protection of the people.

WWe cannot end class discrimination without ending feudalism.

CCommunal thinking is a hindrance for our material and intellectual development.

CCommunalism is a cave for unsuccessful politicians to hide themselves.

AA country is destroyed and people suffer if there are wrong leaders, wrong policies and wrong decisions.

WWe will break all obstructions that we encounter on the path of building Sikkim anew.

WWe will blast even mountains if they pose a hindrance to the destiny and rights of the poor.

II believe in people power and not money power. I believe in being pro-people and not pro money.

MMan lives within a confined periphery because of his thoughts.

OOur political campaign is the development of expert manpower and a civilised society.

OOur political campaign is to give intellectual freedom to the Sikkimese society and maintain social and economic freedom.

DDemocracy without political, social and economic equality is like a monarchy without a monarch.

AA leader must know and accept the truth.

AAnti people elements try to hinder the pace of material, mental and inner development of the people.

TThere is no alternative for leadership.

FFor a leader, people’s aspirations should win over personal aspirations.

OOur politics is to make the people of Sikkim victorious forever.

PProtection of women’s’ rights is impossible unless women become responsible citizens.

TThe future of Sikkim will be made with everyone’s contribution.

OOur political struggle is a struggle for collective welfare of Sikkimese people.

WWe must make our youth a constructive force.

SSikkim should always continue to be ruled by the Sikkimese people.

TThe Sikkimese people have made the biggest contribution towards national integration.

PPeace will prevail in the world if Man is successful in killing the demon of his heart.

WWe have reached half way on the path of progress for Sikkim Nirman.

PPeople are God and owners in a democracy.

PPolitics is a science for life and for the world. Politics whether in support or protest should be in the interest of the people. Those who indulge in politics should work for the country and the people whether they are in power or in opposition.

WWhen the Government is formed by the mandate of the people, it is the job of the Government to fulfil the longings of the people and the needs of the State.

DDemocracy gives equal rights and responsibilities to everyone but it does not guarantee equal results for everyone.

IIt is only the love of humanity that can bind humanity.

TThere is no other power more than potent philanthropy.

IIgnorance is the biggest handicap.

TThe Earth has fulfilled the needs of all the animals. But it cannot fulfil the greed of Man.

AA developed and prosperous Sikkim is my dream.

EEducation must be able to develop knowledge, character and skill of Man and make him self-reliant.

IIf Man abandons character, conduct, virtues, thoughts and ideals, then mankind will perish and the world will be destroyed.

BBe not only educated, but skilled as well but not only skilled, good citizens as well.