Attended the inaugural ceremony of Sikkim Organic Day, 2018 in the presence of Acharya Balkrishna of Patanjali Yogpeeth at Saramsa Gardens.

In my address, I recalled the historic declaration made by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi ji on 18th January, 2016, when Sikkim became a fully Organic State. Giving due credit to the farming community in our organic journey, I talked on the growing popularity of our farmers and the recognition that they are getting not only in the Country but globally as well for being pioneers of organic agriculture. It is only due to their perseverance and hard work that we were successful in achieving our mission of becoming the first Organic State. It is now time for us to keep this organic status intact and give it continuity, for which the people of Sikkim have to work unitedly and in co-operation with one another. Only then will our farmers become economically independent. This will further ensure food security and protection of soil in the State.

As we now enter the 2nd phase of Organic Mission, it becomes imperative to go for increased production, and promote activities such as value addition, marketing and exporting of organic produce. My vision of organic revolution in the State is also to make Sikkim a fully self-sufficient and a self-reliant state in organic produce in the Country. It is high time that the farming community of the State be aware of organic farming techniques and engage themselves fully in this farming practice, which will provide them with perennial income. The use of synthetic fertilizers must be avoided at all costs. To keep a check on this, the people of Sikkim must act as ‘social police’ to fully monitor it through a strong bond of social fencing. Furthermore, I urged the gathering to pledge not to leave their land fallow but grow any suitable crops.

I also made the following announcements:-
1. State Government to provide transport subsidy for ferrying of local produce from the villages.
2. Organic Bazaars to be constructed in all bazaar areas of the State.
3. Organic Marketing Outlets to be established along roadsides for selling organic produce.
4. Interest part of Chief Minister’s Self-Employment Scheme (CMSES ) Loan to be waived off from those who have already availed of the loan.
5. Seed Banks to be created to preserve indigenous food grains.
6. New farming techniques like poly-culture and perma-culture to be adopted for growing multiple crops.