Unveiled the Upgraded and Beautified Mangal Baria Bazaar and dedicated it to the people of the locality. While interacting with the local organic producers, I asked them to work hard and work towards reaping the benefits of Sikkim being an organic state.

Later, I attended the function ‘Invigorating Young Minds in Shaping Nation’ at Mangal Baria Senior Secondary School ground where I addressed the school students and the local gentry.

I apprised the gathering on numerous welfare schemes of the State Government that are aimed at encouraging our people to work for their livelihood and in improving their living standards.

I briefed the students on various important topics like -science, caste, religion, and on becoming truthful, responsible and successful citizens. I made it clear that the sole objective of free education upto college level in the State is to ensure that atleast every student in the State is college passout without any financial burden to their parents. I also assured to provide free laptops to school students.

I gave the following suggestions/advice to the students:-
1. They need to be hardworking, creative, skilled and become capable manpower of the future.

2. Students need to think and dream big.

3. They must not consume tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

4. Students must choose their career/profession wisely and labour hard to become successful individuals.