Attended the valedictory function of Sikkim Organic Day, 2018 held today at Saramsa Gardens.

In my address, I highlighted on the importance of organic farming which is globally recognized and accepted as one and the only alternative farming practice as against modern chemical based farming. Governments around the world are not in favour of adopting organic farming even at this crucial junction. The advantages of organic farming have been ignored by most Governments and their leadership, and they have not given serious thoughts on adopting this method of farming. I stressed on the fact that organic farming is the only alternative to intensive chemical-based farming, which has given rise to deterioration of soil health, decreased organic matter content and high level of chemicals, posing immense threat to the environment that we live in. It has also led to pollution of air, water and atmosphere with adverse effects on crop production, which in turn prove hazardous to human health and wellbeing. If the use of synthetic fertilizers is not stopped at the earliest, the whole world will be destroyed by these harmful chemicals. Hence, I appealled to our progressive farmers, as pioneers of organic farming, to work harder and endeavour towards increasing their production and start producing at a commercial scale.

I made the following suggestions/announcements:
1. To grow and cultivate all useful plants/crops found in forests.
2. State Government to grant loans with minimum interest so as to encourage people to take up activities like dairy farming, poultry, floriculture, establishing orchards, etc.
3. Kitchen/terrace and vertical gardens to be started to encourage people to grow vegetables for self-consumption.
4. Plantation of crops/saplings which bear fruits and flowers to be carried out in forest areas on Environment Day for the birds and wild animals to feed upon.
5. Distribution of ‘Arna’ variety of buffalos to be carried out.
6. Compensation to be provided for damaged crops if the ferrying vehicles provided by the Government fail to collect organic produce for sale on time.