I attended the valedictory function and the concluding day of the Organic World Congress 2017, which started on 9th November 2017 , at Greater Noida.

A brief of my address is as follows:-
1.Organic farming is not only about agricultural system but a way of life that is in harmony with Nature , encompassing all life on earth, from human being, our environment and to micro-organism.
2. The world has been passing through a period of anxiety and great uncertainties presently and what is required urgently is to bring back balance in our soil ecology and find ways to revive our earth by adopting nature -friendly agriculture to facilitate multiplication of bacteria and fungus population in our soil content.
3. Organic farming is the only solution to purify our earth, environment and ecology; and this has been exemplified in Sikkim.
4. Today we see the rise in health complications like cancer, kidney disease and all forms of health disorders even adversely impacting the fertility rate among living beings. Hence, we need to improve soil health first in order to improve human health.