I visited Bologna University, the oldest University of the world at Bologna, Italy and Instituto Dante Alighieri & Instituto Voltaire in Milan on 19th & 20th October,2018.

Founded in 1088, the University is the oldest functional University in the world to undertake courses as varied as Architecture, Cultural Heritage, Classical Philosophy and Italian Studies, Physics and Astronomy, Agriculture and Food Science etc.
On arrival at the University, I was happy to be accorded a warm welcome by the Staff of the Vice Rector for International Relations Ms. Maria Chiara De Franceschi. She conducted a brief tour of the University Complex and its faculties sharing historical details of the University as it evolved over the centuries. She graciously thanked me for visiting the University and handed over collection of University literature, magazine and some texts as token of gifts.

I thanked her and the University faculties profusely for the meeting and for having facilitated a detailed tour of the University Complex with some important historical details. I also handed over a few publications on Sikkim and organic products from Sikkim as a token of thanks to her and other faculty members.

During the next leg of the programme, I visited the Instituto Dante and Voltaire in Milan on October 20, 2018. Named after the classical literacy giants of The Divine Comedy fame, I paid tribute to the poet and philosopher who shaped the literacy landscape of all the subsequent centuries through their literary works with major influence cutting across the continents and nationalities world over.