Addressing an election rally at Fish Pond near Paljor Stadium, Gangtok, I appealled to the people to exercise their right to vote judiciously. It is an opportunity for them to form a government for the people of Sikkim.

I informed about our new programmes as laid down in the party manifesto, which provides a road map for the next five years.

I have given my introduction through the work we have done in the last 25 years. The result is for everyone to see. We have ensured inclusive development and ensured that basic minimum needs of the people have been met. The development in the State has been possible because of the environment of peace and security maintained by the SDF Government.

I said that this elections is a battle between two mindsets – one that encourages peace and sustainable development; and the other disturbing the prevailing peace and disintegrating the Sikkimese society. I urged the people to choose the right party for safe and secure future of the people of Sikkim.

I reminded the people that the overarching development in the State is testified by the amount of opportunities that we have made available to our youth. Tourism has seen an unprecedented rise, ensuring the development of the hotel industry. The economy of the State has improved manifolds.

I shared some of the innovative programmes envisaged by the SDF party for the next five years. I specifically mentioned that I somehow feel that we are yet to include housewives, who play the crucial role of taking care of families, in our agenda for development and upliftment of women folk. Hence, in the coming Government we will provide an annual grant of 1 lakh each to all housewives to start ventures of their choice.

Vote for SDF would mean securing the future of the people engaged in all kinds of professions. It will secure the future of drivers, hoteliers, tourism stakeholders, students, government employees, and businessmen.

I assured to fulfill all the area specific demands of the people of Burtuk, Syari, Arithang and Gangtok constituencies.

In conclusion, I appealled to the people not to be swayed by false assurances of the opposition parties and understand that SDF is the only party which has a fool-proof programme for the people of Sikkim.

Let us all ensure a resounding victory for SDF party in all the constituencies.