I addressed an election rally at Lower Syari.

Following are some of the assurances I made in my address:-

– Houses and plots being occupied by the workers at Lagyap Power Colony compound will be regularised and allottment orders handed over to them within 100 days of forming the new government.

– Fund for construction of Lower Syari Gumpa will be provided within 100 days of forming the government.

– Additional land will be provided to the existing Gumpa at Lower Syari and upgradation work will be carried out.

– Carpeting work from Upper Syari to Pakyong will be completed in six months.

– Financial support to complete the Tamang Bhawan at Syari.

– Kopibari Syari drinking water problem will be sorted out by providing drinking water directly from the PHE lines.

– Construction of Upper Syari to Nandok BAC .

– As per public demand, the BDO office at Nadok will be either shifted closer or some other alternative arrangement made.

– The repeated fault and problems in the water pipelines in Syari will be investigated into and a permanent solution will be made.

– We will continue to work for the welfare and betterment of Ex-Servicemen. A Guest House for Ex-Servicemen and their families will be set up in the premises of Rajya Sainik Board,Gangtok.

– Our party and government is committed to ensure protection of rights and welfare of Police personnel and all Government employees. Their grievances and anomalies, particularly with Pay Committee recommendations will be addressed.

– We will nominate a Chairperson from Syari constituency who will be given administrative powers.

– All other demands of Syari Constituency will be looked into positively.