Today on the final day of our ‘Vijay Sankalp Rally’, I addressed the public of Zoom-Salghari, Poklok-Kamrang, and Namchi-Singithang constituencies at Jorethang public ground.

Following are the highlights of my address:-
Development is not confined to material development only. Actual development is determined by the peace, freedom, happiness, spiritual development and holistic development that the people are guaranteed by the Government. SDF party has dedicated all these years to ensure for the people not only material development, but real development and happiness.
I have dedicated my life in the service of the people of Sikkim. I have often struggled to find the answer to making the people of Sikkim happy and peaceful. Today, I feel happy that my penance has borne the desired results. This is what I have earned. This is my wealth. People’s happiness and development is my wealth. People of Sikkim are living a life of dignity. Some of my critics put all kinds of allegation against me saying that I am corrupt. My reply to them is that they should take the answer from the people of Sikkim.

People of Sikkim are free to express their feelings and opinions, to live their dreams, and to live with dignity. This is the biggest fruit of development.

I urged the people to protect and safeguard the peace, security, development that they are experiencing.
Our people should take the big decision in their lives – to cast their valuable votes in favour of SDF party in the Assembly and Parliamentary constituencies. They can study the SDF party manifesto to know about the programmes of our party for the next five years.

In Zoom – Salghari, we have fielded Smt Dhan Kumari Kami, a simple lady from a lower middle-class family, and one who can feel the pulse of the people. We have given ‘samman’ (respect) to the common man; she will be a voice of the poor and the working class. She will represent the strength, dreams and aspirations of the women folk as well. She will know the ground realities and pin-point the needs of the people of her region for redressal.

The development that has happened in Jorethang Bazar is our contribution. There is an international level water fountain. We have made the link road and increased the value of the land and property. The taxi plaza, public amenities, private buildings, medical facilities, CHC, religious centres are all the contributions of the SDF government.

I also gave the following assurances to the people:-
1. We will build a music college in Jorethang. It will be the first music college in Sikkim for the benefit of musicians and artistes who are in plenty in this area.
2. Zoom-Samsing, Pipaley- Mabong area will be given community rain water harvesting project. Qualitative drinking water will be a priority of our Government.
3. PHSC will be set up in Gelling Sauney.
4. Animal Husbandry stockman centre will be established.
5. Crematorium will be constructed.
6. Naya Bazar – Rangit Khola bank road will be sanctioned.
7. Approach road to Senior Secondary School will be widened.
8. Improvement and upgradation of drainage system in Jorethang and Nayabazar.
9. Construction of additional housing colony in Jorethang and Nayabazar for accommodating all homeless.
10. Construction of Samajik Hall for Bihari community.
11. All incomplete government schemes will be completed.
12. Jorethang stadium will be upgraded to a world class stadium.
13. Cultivation of Zoom oranges will be revived and rejuvenated to restore the name and fame it had in the past.
14. Jorethang and Nayabazar will be given a popular branding with the promotion of its culture tradition, food, horticulture/floriculture etc. Likewise, we will do branding of each village, each constituency, each town and all prominent places. We will make Sikkim self -sufficient.
15. We will continue to work for the rights privileges and identity of the business community.
16. All safaikarmacharis will be given 13 months’ salary.
17. We will accommodate, safaikarmacharis, cobblers, and harijans in housing colonies.

Addressing the people of Poklok- Kamrang and Namchi- Singithang constituencies, I said that each one of them are my representatives. I could not devote much time to the two constituencies during my campaign due time constraints , but I assured that the development of Poklok- Kamrang and Namchi- Singithang is my priority. We will complete all the demands of the constituencies at one go.

An international biodiversity park will come up at Temi- Namphing constituency. 3000 to 8000 botanical species available in the world will be planted there. It will be a research laboratory for national and international botanists. This will be the first of its kind initiative in the world. We will also establish an agriculture college at Temi-Namphing.

In the coming Government, we will focus on improving the quality of life of the people. We will take our programmes to a world class level. We have programmes to take care of every Sikkimese right from birth to old age.

Education will be of world class standards and made life-oriented instead of focussing on degrees/certificates only. Every constituency will have at least a boarding school each.The sponsorship programme under Merit Scholarship for higher studies in 20 best Universities in the world will be extended to 50 best Universities.

We have ensured the protection of identity of Bhutia, Lepcha, Nepali and the business community. We have upheld the sanctity of the Old Laws and held them sacrosanct, and safeguarded them from any dilution. On the other hand, Opposition parties are all the time making efforts to snatch the political rights of the Sikkimese people and to dilute the Old Laws.

I reiterated that our formula for Assembly seat reservation is democratic and ensures the political rights of every community of Sikkim. I further cautioned the people about the undemocratic formula devised by the SKM party. Their formula is completely undemocratic and is a direct threat to the Nepali community in Sikkim. SKM party is made up of oppressors, opportunists, business-minded, fascists, anti-social elements and enemies of Sikkim.

We have protected the right, the pride, prestige of the people of Sikkim. If Sikkim goes to the wrong hands, people of Sikkim will suffer and Sikkim will be destroyed.

The spiritual ‘guru’ of Heavenly Path Organization will be invited to Sikkim through a high-level delegation. We will establish an Akhanda Jyoti Kendra at Nandugaon, South Sikkim for all the followers of the spiritual organization.

I urged the people to go back and introspect on my address. I said that we have never let corruption enter our State. We are introducing a unique programme to put a blanket ban on any kind of extortion or ‘chanda’ for party fund. We will be the first State in the world to be completely corruption free, which will be a message to the world. For those who argue that there has been corruption during SDF government, they should understand that where there is development there cannot be corruption. The overarching development in Sikkim in the last twenty-five years testifies the fact.

Why vote for SDF?
1. To sustain peace, security, and development.
2. To save Sikkim from enemies of Sikkim.
3. To ensure victory of Sikkimese forever.
4. To erase negative and anti-social elements from Sikkim.
5. To safeguard the interests, identity and pride of Sikkimese people.

I concluded my address by thanking the people of Sikkim for supporting the SDF party for 25. I pledged that we would perform even better in the 6th term. I expressed my gratitude to the people of Sikkim and my party colleagues and ‘sahayodhas’ for their commitment and dedication and hardwork throughout the campaign period.

I urged the people of Sikkim to vote for SDF party’s election symbol ‘Umbrella’ to ensure victory of the Sikkimese people forever. I urged the people to have faith in our party. I reiterated that there is still no alternative to SDF party.

We will make the people of Sikkim the most knowledgeable, strong and the happiest people in the world.

Sikkimey Janta ko Jai hos.

Thank you!