Inaugurated the Tulip Garden at Tathagata Tsal premises, Rabong. Later, I attended Inspirational Talk programme with Students of Schools and Colleges at Congregation Hall.

Addressing the students and teachers, I spoke on how comparatively, Sikkim lags behind in education when we take into consideration the fact that educational intitutions in the State were established almost a century later than those in other parts of the world. Keeping this factor in mind, we decided to give education a top priority as soon as we formed the Government in 1994, with 20% allocation in the annual budget. Ever since, we have aimed at making education accessible to all the children, especially to those belonging to economically weak families. Our policy of free-education upto college level is in line with this objective. Besides, our endeavour is to provide quality education to the children so that they become employable and skilled human resource as well as individuals with good human values. I urged the students to avail of the benefits and facilities provided by the State Government for their welfare. They should equip themselves with knowledge that is required to move ahead in the competitive world of today. They should always keep themselves updated, and try to be creative and innovative along with giving their best.

Our Government has ensured equality to all the citizens. The onus also lies on the students to fight against any kind of discrimination in order to make Sikkim a discrimination-free state at all times.

I suggested that professors, teachers and students could take up study and research works on human civilisation of Sikkim.