Today, I joined Hon’ble Governor Shriniwas Patil and host of other distinguished personalities, learned scholars and scientists from overseas as well as from our Counrty in the inaugural function of International Seminar on ‘Quantum Physics and Emptiness in Buddhist Philosophy’, held at Chintan Bhawan. I am sure that today’s deliberations and discussions will throw new insights to spread the message of Lord Buddha among all sentient beings and help them attain nirvana ultimately.

I drew reference to the far-sighted wisdom of His Holiness the Dalai Lama who propounded that educating the brain is very important, but equal emphasis must also be laid on educating the heart. The modern education is not a holistic or an inclusive education system. It is due to lack of emotional teaching in modern education that the world is going through crises such as terrorism, gender discrimination, gap between rich and the poor, and so forth despite attaining heights of development in modern education. It is due to this urgent crises that Social Emotional Learning has drawn incredible attention and popularity in the scientific world, to teach the youngsters the basic human values such as compassion, understanding, gratitude and so forth.

I also shared that of all Buddhist doctrines, the most difficult and misunderstood is said to be the concept of ‘sunyata,’ often translated as ‘emptiness.’ It is at the heart of all Mahayana Buddhist teaching. ‘Sunyata’ is often misunderstood to mean that nothing exists. This is not so. Instead, it tells us that there is existence, but that phenomenon are empty of ‘svabhava,’ the Sanskrit word which means self-nature, intrinsic nature, essence or ‘own being’.

I ventured to express that all religions have sprung from thoughts and wisdom of great men. They have different views on life and life after death. Hindus and Buddhists believe in re-incarnation and the karmic law. Any good or bad actions will have reciprocal consequences. Above all, we are seeing only one part of Universe which comes to our view in the rotation of earth around the sun. 99% of remaining parts of the earth is unknown and unseen by human eyes.