I laid the foundation stone of Folk Healing Centre at Pastinga, Gaucharan in Assam Linzey. I suggested it to be renamed as ‘Folk History Centre of Sikkim’ as this project will be a complete institution that will highlight and showcase the complete folk history of Sikkim ie, folk culture, folk music, folk lore, folk literature, etc. These old practices, believed to have been originated along with human history, will be preserved in this centre by linking it with the present day Sikkimese society and modern day tourism. This creative, innovative and unique centre will help in promotion of our traditional culture, food habits and age old practices, which can be used productively as a means of sustainable development in the tourism sector.

The centre will be a premier destination providing traditional cure and healing practices for all kinds of ailments. These practices, considered to be an integral part of Sikkimese culture and history, and commonly done through the use of supernatural powers, charms and symbolism by traditional healers, can be an attraction for the tourists visiting Sikkim.

The project cost is estimated to be over Rs.110 crores and will be built at an area of over 6.85 acres of land. Apart from the traditional houses of the three ethnic communities, the centre will be inclusive of a performance hall, interpretation centre, tourist guest house, dispensary, dormitories, wards for patients and a cafeteria. When completed, the fully environment-friendly Folk History Centre of Sikkim will be the first of its kind in the Nation and perhaps in the world too.

I further suggested the following to the officials of Buildings and Housing department:-
1. To include traditional houses belonging to all the communities of Sikkim.
2. Each and every folk branch to be created separately, such as folk history branch, folk culture branch, folk music branch, traditional food branch, etc.
3. Particular attention to be paid for creating branches related to folk lore and folk literature of Sikkim.

On the occasion, I also gave the following directions:-
1. To further strengthen the system of decentralisation and make administration at the grassroots people-friendly. Departmental process for procurement of trade licenses to be made easily accessible by the members of the public. BDOs to directly issue licences to SSC/CoI holders.
2. Marking order for felling trees falling under private holdings to be issued directly by Range Officers.
3. BACs have to be made more vibrant and people centric. BDOs should be pro-active and visit rural areas. They should interact with the village people, learn about their problems/grievances and address their issues during the course of their visit itself.

I also made the following announcements:-
1. Limitation for open tender as against e-tender to be increased to Rs. 2 crores very soon.
2. In principle sanction of Rs 20 lakhs each for Pema Chokerling Maneylakhang and Divya Dham including all demands placed by the people of this region like jhora training works, protective works, etc.