I felt extremely happy to a part of laying of Foundation Stone of ‘Smart Command and Control Centre in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Tripura’ by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi ji digitally at Chintan Bhawan, Gangtok. It may be recalled that Gangtok and Namchi are enlisted under the project.

In my interaction with the Hon’ble Prime Minister, I expressed my gratitude on behalf of the people of Sikkim for inclusion of the two cities under the project and assured him that we will give our best in transforming the cities of Gangtok and Namchi as envisioned by the Hon’ble Prime Minister. Further, we will ensure that these smart cities are eco-friendly places.

I was pleased to note that the Hon’ble Prime Minister made a special mention of the works being carried out in Namchi , such as drinking water supply, construction of footpath etc and rain water harvesting in Gangtok.
In my address to the gathering, I talked about my 40 years long stint in politics, during which I have toiled hard day in and day out towards the service of the people of Sikkim. I have worked to the best of my abilities with utmost sincerity and dedication; and after all the hard, the results are more than satisfactory. This makes me happy and contended. In all these years, Sikkim has come a long way in all spheres, gaining national and global recognition. It gives me immense satisfaction to see that today children belonging to simple families can avail free education till college level. Recently, on 4th March, 2019, we have gone a step further by deciding to provide free education in State University also, in addition to the free education in upcoming Medical College.

Apart from the plans and schemes under ‘Smart City’, the State Government also has a number of projects in the pipeline. Our objective is to provide the best opportunities and facilities to our people so that they can lead comfortable lives. In fact, we can say that we have made many of the bazaars including those in small towns ‘smart’. Keeping in mind the scarcity of land in a hilly state like our’s, we are coming up with concepts like under- ground city. We are also coming up with tunnelling of roads, the first project being Sirwani- Legshep road, which would be started soon. To tackle the problem of water scarcity, apart from rain water harvesting, we are also looking at the possibility of use of glacial water.

Targetting the students in the audience, I advised them to be comfortable in their own skin and not to compare themselves with any other person. Each and every one of them is special in their own way and one’s competition and challenge should be with oneself only and not with others. Only then will they be happy and contended persons. I also exhorted them to follow their dreams and passions.
In conclusion, I stated that the elections are nearing and the people have the right to choose their representatives. While doing so, if they feel there is an alternative to my leadership, they are free to go for it. But if they feel there can be no alternative, then I am always there for them, the choice is their’s!