I felt proud and happy to name and declare Shri A.R. Rehman, the Music Maestro, who has earned name and fame for our great Nation globally through his imposing musical talent, as the ‘Brand Ambassador of Sikkim’ during the inaugural ceremony of the 4th edition of the Sikkim Red Panda Winter Carnival-2018 at Paljor Stadium, Gangtok. I on behalf of the people of Sikkim, thank and honour Rehman ji for this gesture shown towards the people of Sikkim, and also for his love for the people and the State.

I’m sharing some of the higlights of my address:-
1. We have emerged as the State that holds environment protection and sustainable development as its highest priority. We have converted our State into the 1st Organic State in the world and we are only beginning with the first few steps in our journey to make Sikkim the happiest and the healthiest place in the world.

2. We as a responsible Government, have continuously analysed whether our policies and programmes are beneficial to our planet and to mankind as a whole. Our deep commitment to the ideas of environment protection, safety and eco-friendly tourism has also been recognized in the National and international platforms. As a result, Sikkim has emerged as the premier eco-destination in the Country and the world.

3. I celebrate the efforts of the Sikkimese people towards promotion of rural tourism and bringing to light the scenic beauty of our land, which deserves appreciation. Apart from celebrating the diversity, richness and talents, we should also take every opportunity to celebrate our peace which is our greatest resource. Sikkim still remains a destination largely unexplored and yet to be discovered by global tourists. Not only that, Sikkim has a lot that the world can learn from the humble examples we have set in environment -friendly and sustainable programmes.

4. We have emerged as a State that is respected for our achievements in inclusive politics, inclusive development, nature friendly policies and in giving equal justice to all. In the last 23 years, we have build the State that is green, safe and developing fast.

5. I called upon the youths of the State to be innovative and to take part in building Sikkim of the future. For this, we have to change our mindset to be aligned with the needs of today. I also appealed to the youths, the bureaucrats, businessmen, women, teachers, policy makers and the people of Sikkim to build a strong work ethics like that of the Japanese people. To create Sikkim that we dream of, we have to put immense hardwork. With hardwork and commitment anything is possible, that is how we have come this far. We have made Sikkim the best State in the Country, but it is upto the youths to make it the best in the world.

6. It is indeed a matter of pride for me and the people of Sikkim to offer a very warm welcome to Shri AR Rehman ji to our State who has kindly agreed to be the ‘Brand Ambassador’ of Sikkim. Sikkim under his care and patronage, I am sure, will emerge as the most desired destination for the global community for its abundant nature, beauty, environment friendly policies and peaceful people.

Earlier, I inaugurated the Children’s Park near Paljor Stadium. I also inaugurated the Organic Exhibition-cum-sale stalls at MG Marg.