Attended the Silver Jubilee celebrations of Government Junior High School, Gumpa Ghurpisey at Namchi.

In my address, I apprised the gathering on numerous policies and programmes framed by the State Government for the welfare of the people. I urged all to seriously take up organic agriculture related trade to benefit themselves and earn good returns. I emphasised on integrating a sense of responsibility and ownership on the part of our people in all public related works. I informed that education has been a priority sector of the State Government, duly ensuring qualitative education at levels.

I urged the students to work hard and give their best in whatever they choose to do in future. The students should know that the prime trait of an educated person is to guide and help others. It is very important for the students to remain updated with knowledge, skills, capacity and competitiveness of the modern world. The students must never give up learning and they must be open to new ideas always.

I made the following announcements:-
1. Fencing works of school compounds across the State to be stopped now. Protection of school property should be done with the concept of ‘social fencing’, where people must collectively come forward, take up ownership and protect infrastructures of educational institutions.

2. Atleast one school building/block to be named after land doners. Renaming of roads and schools to be considered only after evaluating the contribution made by the individuals towards the society and the State.

3. Proposal of Human Resource Development Department on decreasing winter holidays from 60 days to be positively considered in the interest of the students of the State.

4. Sanctioned in principle school auditorium and extension of school play ground of Gumpa Ghurpisey Junior High School.

5. Vegetables which the State can produce to suffice the State’s demand, to be banned from importing from outside the State. Items to be put embargo on shall be decided in Cabinet meeting on 14th December