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Thursday, June 20, 2019 09:55:56 IST

December 2016

Good wishes Dear Sir,

Here I sent my short report on KNP World Heritage Site. Kindly look forward Sir.

Brief Report on KNP World Heritage Site visit 8th - 17th November 2016.

I was on a tour with three American Naturalists, an engineer, meteorologist and an independent consultant.

We selected trail from Yambung towards Dafey Bheer, Yangshep, Pangden, Dzongri, Thangsing and Gochella returning from Kokchurung, Fidang, Tahoka and arrive Yuksam. This entry point is less used by the Trekkers due to various reasons while some being not properly identified, less Trekker facilities like Trek Huts and check points etc.

We recorded birds and mammals in the National park and the beautiful lakes. There are things which has to be taken seriously by the authority in the improvement of the World Heritage Site.

There are few we have noticed and discussed which are as follows:-

  1. Identification of all the trails that enter KNP World Heritage Site - the entry points and trails should be identified and promoted. Example From Darap - Yambung, from Tashiding and other if any beside Yuksam and Uttarey.
  2. Proper signages and Signboards - the KNP logo sign boards disappears before the first camp Syachen. The KNP logo signboard should be in all the camping areas and trails of the National Park.
  3. From Trails beginning from Darap proper bridges is needed especially in places like Shyangkhola & Nayapatal.
  4. Trekker Huts is of basic importance in Chongri, Nayapatal, Yambung.
  5. The trails beginning from Darap should be constructed in areas between Chongri - Nayapatal, Dafey Bheer - Yangshep, Pangden - Dzongri. In these areas there are steep cliffs which the Trekkers has to cross which must be constructed accordingly as per the Trekkers convenience atleast to avoid any accidents.
  6. Mapping of the National Park (high quality trail markers) - there should be proper maps in camping sites and trails showing direction, the distance from one camp to other, describing altitude and altitude change for the convenience of the Trekkers and visitors to know the basic details of the National Park.
  7. There are Chaukidars/caretakers in Tshoka, Thangsing and Dzongri Sim Gairi they must be given proper high altitude clothes and equipments.
  8. There must be medical camps during the two trekking season of the year which is a must. Atleast in the areas of Dzongri and Thangsing for now. It can be organised in Volunteer basis.
  9. There should be increase in the DSLR camera charges because the photos taken from the National Park are of high values.
  10. Documentation of the National Park is most important: of
    • a. Birds
    • b. Butterflies
    • c. Rhododendron (sang varieties)
    • d. mammal’s
    • e. Lakes
    • f. Mountain peaks
    • g. Trees

Much respect & prayers,

Nosang M Limboo
Green Ambassador of Sikkim.
Darap 02 Yangthang Constituency

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