Today, I addressed the public of Maneybong- Dentam, Geyzing- Bermiok, Yangthang and Yuksom – Tashiding at Kyongsa Ground, Geyzing.

Following are highlights of my address:-

There has been unprecedented development in Sikkim in the last twenty-five years of SDF Government. Yet, people are still found lamenting for not getting benefits or sauliyat from the Government. They fail to see the larger picture and focus only on personal benefits. In the coming government, we will organize one public event and distribute all the benefits in one go.

We will upscale the organic mission and introduce new measures to increase productivity. Private forests/jungle will be made productive by plating flowering trees and fruit orchards. Farmers will be provided with all necessary agricultural aids like greenhouse, seeds and seedlings, cattle, organic manure and tools for farming. Cold storages will be set up in every Gram Panchayat Unit along with transport subsidy. Kisan Bazaars will be made functional in all districts, and farmers will be allotted space free of cost to sell their produce. Greater emphasis shall be laid on floriculture and agriculture will be made a ‘fashionable ‘ and attractive profession.

I urged the people to participate in the development process, while at the same time keep patience and faith that development work would reach their area in a phased manner. West and South Districts would be connected by underground tunnel road which would save considerable amount of travel time. Also, a ropeway facility would be established in Bermiok.

I shared that we have constructed new roads of 10,000 km in length, and widening, up-gradation and carpeting of several State highways are underway. We have laid down plans for beautification and upgradation of all bazaars, where all basic amenities will be made available. Open theatres will be created in every bazaar and working sheds, rest houses and cafeteria will be created for drivers, small -time businessmen, tailors, cobblers etc
I gave my word to fulfill all the requisite demands and needs of Government employees of all categories, especially non-gazetted staff. Issues such as promotions, cadre review, increment and arrears will be addressed on priority. All temporary employees working in Government, semi-government, public undertakings and other organizations will be regularised at the earliest. Similarly, grievances and pending promotions (if any) of Police personnel of all ranks shall be looked into positively. We will also work out a promotional system exclusively for the teachers.

Our driver brothers deserve the highest respects for the invaluable service rendered by them to the State. The launch of my election campaign in a taxi vehicle therefore was a befitting gesture in recognition of their noble duty towards the State and the people. At the same time, it was also a mark of honour to the common people who travel by service vehicles daily. Hence, I decided to live their experience for a day.

The coming government will give high priority towards the welfare and upliftment of drivers in the State. I informed about our new policy to enhance the ex-gratia amount from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 7 lakhs to the family of a driver who dies while on duty. Additionally, the wife of the deceased driver will be given a Government job on MR basis. As our educational policy is aimed at ensuring that every child has access to quality education, a driver’s child, like any other child, would be given free education up to university level.

Sikkim is today a model of secularism, where every religion is safeguarded, and people freely practise religion of their choice. So people should not pay heed to opposition parties saying that our Government is against the Heavenly Path Organization (HPO). We have decided that a high-level delegation would be sent to extend our invitation to the revered guru of HPO to bless Sikkim with his presence. I categorically stated that it was not the SDF party which put an embargo on his entry into Sikkim, rather it is a group of ill-intentioned people representing a certain organization which had petitioned in the Supreme Court to bar the spiritual leader from visiting Sikkim.

Responding to comments made by an opposition party leader about intellectual development, I stated that it is the SDF Government which has established 27 colleges and 7 Universities in Sikkim to ensure that every Sikkimese student attains higher education. Sikkim today has the highest literacy rate in the country.

Speaking about some area specific programmes, I stated that at least ten new tourist points will be created in each constituency which will open new avenues for local taxi drivers and entrepreneurs. Further, we will upgrade the road from Maneybong- Dentam to Chiwa Bhanjyang and develop the place into an international tourism destination, connecting West Sikkim with Nepal.

I thanked Parmila Gurung of Yangthang who sent me a suggestion that the services of beneficiaries of ‘One Family One Job’ should be regularized. I assured that their jobs will be regularized in the next five years, as already promised by the SDF government.

I expressed my deep resentment over repeated incidents of violence promoted by the SKM party. The leader of the party has not made a single positive contribution towards the State and the Sikkimese society. Instead he has practised and encouraged a culture of violence, oppression, high-handedness and resorted to illegal means for his personal gains.

Speaking on local demands, I stressed on the following:-

-We will take steps to address the drinking water problem and improve sewerage system in Middle Geyzing.

-Provide a Radiologist in District Hospital, Geyzing.

-A Sports Academy will be established in Bermoik.

– West District will be divided into two districts, and Sombaria will be made a sub-division.

– Formulate a ‘Look West’ policy under which West District will witness some historic development.

– Establishment of two more colleges at Geyzing and Tashiding.

– Upgradation of Uttarey Lake will be completed and made into one of the best tourist destinations in the State.

– A stadium and a multi storeyed car parking will come up at Dentam.

– Road from Sankhu to Hee bridge will be carpeted.
– A college will be established at Yuksom.

– Labdang- Mangnam Road will be widened and carpeted and Lamathang Road will be completed as per public demand.

I urged the people to realize that SDF party has always stood by them and provided peace, progress and development to the State. We are totally committed to continue serving the people of Sikkim and uphold the self-respect and dignity of our people. Now it is up to the people to ensure victory to SDF party, which would mean victory for the people of Sikkim.