Today, I addressed the public of Kabi-Lungchok constituency and the Sangha community at our Vijay Sankalp Rally at Kabi, North Sikkim.

I began my address by reminding the people of the constituency of the vital responsibility that lies ahead of them, as Sikkim goes to polls on the 11th of April. Various political parties are campaigning for the elections and making empty assurances and promises. But our people should be wary and cautious of these seasonal politicians, who will disappear immediately after the elections and betray them. I urged the people to analyse such situations and make the correct decision. People must realize that I am representing and leading a party which has fulfilled the promises made to the people of Sikkim in five successive elections. It is for them to see the overarching development they have experienced and witnessed in twenty-five years of exemplary governance under the Sikkim Democratic Front Government.

I assured that we will continue to work with the same zeal to fulfill all the pending work; and stressed on the fact it is the SDF Government which introduced welfare measures for every section of the Sikkimese population and urged the people to have faith in the SDF party and its leadership. Our schemes like free housing, which we will give continuity to, will benefit the people for generations to come. I reminded them that our party’s main ideology is the upliftment of the people of Sikkim.

Informing about our future programmes which have been laid down in the SDF party election manifesto, I assured that the youth of Sikkim who were left out in the One Family One Job Scheme will be covered within 100 days of forming the Government. I explained about programmes like ‘One Person One Profession’, the start-up scheme, the one-time grant for small time business, and the plan to create unlimited entrepreneurial and livelihood opportunities in every village of Sikkim. Further, I stated that we will give highest priority to youth-centric programmes in the coming days.

I talked about programmes aimed at empowering the people living in the rural parts of Sikkim by ensuring that all new development work up to Rupees two crores within a GPU and up to Rupees one crore within a village is allotted to the people of the same GPU or village respectively through restricted tender. I categorically stated that nobody from outside the GPU or village can participate in the tender.

Talking about the party’s programme to strengthen grassroot government by empowering the functionaries, I informed that people would no longer have to stand in long queues for services like LPG, licences and other administrative work. These services will be available at people’s doorsteps or the nearest administrative centre.

I also shared some of the programmes planned by the SDF party for the development of Kabi- Lungchok constituency, such as:-
1. Orchid Sanctuary at Kabi.
2. Establishment of Diet College at Kabi.
3. A Veterinary College in the constituency.
4. High priority to animal husbandry.
5. Promotion of adventure tourism, medicinal and organic tourism.
6. Construction of a life size statue of goddess ‘Dolma’ .
7. Construction of life size statues of Khye Bumsa, Thekong Tek and Nikung Ngal.
8. Regularisation of sites of houses along J.N. Road and Pangthang.
9. Stretches of vacant lands to be developed into a tea garden.
10. A ropeway at Kabi.

I further said that all area specific demands would be met. These include:
1. Upgradation of Bojoghari School building and Multi-Purpose hall at Bojoghari.
2. Beautification of Bojoghari and construction of a Shivalaya (Shiva Temple).
3. Drinking water supply and upgraded sewerage system at Bojoghari.

I appealed to the people of the constituency to extend their support for Acharya Tshering Lama, the SDF candidate for Sangha seat.

I recounted the numerous initiatives of the SDF Government to protect and promote Buddhism in the State, from establishing world class monasteries and life size statues of revered Buddhist Gurus to propagating Buddhist teachings through centres of learning.

I shared our plan and programme to send a high level delegation led by Acharya Tshering Lama, and senior Lamas of all the prominent monasteries of Sikkim to extend our invitation to His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa to bless Sikkim with his presence.

I explained that our party has a fool-proof programme for every section of the Sikkimese society, whereas the opposition parties carry no vision and are merely emulating our plans and programmes. I reassured that North Sikkim is backed by the vision and programme of an experienced ideology-based regional party led by the longest serving Chief Minister in the country.

We have never compromised on our ideology and have always remained a regional party and kept the SDF flag flying high always. That is our commitment. We have not allied with any National party. I have promised that I will die holding the SDF party flag and will never ever sold the dreams, aspirations and future of the Sikkimese people.

Our party is the party of the people. We believe in people’s Government, based on true democratic principles. We do not believe in dynastic politics. We have the support of all the people of Sikkim, and people have already decided to bring back SDF Government.

I appealed to the people to educate themselves on the track record of all the political parties and their contesting candidates. I reiterated that if Sikkim goes to the wrong hands, the development trajectory of the State will be derailed. We must never let Sikkim fall into the hands of such vision-less people. Election is not merely a festival or an event, it is rather handing over the aspirations of the people to the Government for five years. Therefore, we must decide who we are handing over our State to.

I told the public that SKM party is on the payroll of BJP. Just as they sold their party to BJP, they are out to sell the dreams, aspirations, rights and future of the people of Sikkim.They are trying to instigate communal hatred and ill feelings among Bhutia, Lepcha, Nepali and the business communiies. Conversely, our party has always safeguarded the identity and rights of the Sikkimese people. We are totally answerable to the people of Sikkim. We do not have outside forces dictating terms to us.

In conclusion, I stated that this election is a battle between two kinds of thoughts – One that is constructive and is always committed to ensure victory of the Sikkimese people; and the other is the destructive force dividing and disintegrating the Sikkimese society. I appealed to the people to vote for SDF to sustain the peace, security, progress and prosperity of Sikkim.