On the 9th day of our ‘Vijay Sankalp Rally’ today, I addressed the public of Tumin-Lingee, Khamdong-Singtam, Martam-Rumtek, and West Pendam constituencies at Mining Ground, Majitar, Rangpo.

Following are the highlights of my address:-

I may not be able to physically reach out to every village and constituency due to paucity of time. But I am extremely happy to see the incredible work done by our party workers (‘sahayodhas’) in sharing our party’s ideology, accomplishments and future programmes to the people of Sikkim.

Our party has distributed the election manifesto throughout the State. It can be called a blueprint of the future programmes of the party for the next 5 years as well as our promise and assurances to the people. We have made such manifestos on five occasions in the past and have kept our promises every time. In fact, we have delivered more than what we promised each time. People should study our party manifesto to understand the programmes envisaged to secure the future of the Sikkimese people. I appealed to the people to cast their valuable votes after understanding the roadmap we have laid for Sikkim for the next 5 years.

The SDF party was born with the clean intention to uplift every section of the population, and through our concerted efforts, we have brought Sikkim to this level. It is for everyone to see that Sikkim is today one of the most developed states in the country. The mention of Sikkim by the country’s Prime Minister on several international forums testifies our achievements and progress.

It is unfortunate that the leader of the opposition party, was publicly announcing the other day that he would undo the organic mission and encourage free entry of non-organic vegetables into Sikkim, if voted to power. Our people must understand the mindset of the leader and his fellow party workers. These announcements made during elections to lure the businessmen will do no good to the people of Sikkim. Sikkim’s farmers and businessmen have already earned the recognition of being ambassadors of the organic movement. It took us many years of relentless efforts to fight against strong resentment and negativity when converting Sikkim into a fully organic state. Therefore, let us not let a bunch of regressive thinkers destroy what the people of Sikkim have earned through years of hard work.

Addressing some area centric issues, I said that we will not allow a few oppressors and enemies of development come in the way of genuine rights of the people of Martam-Rumtek constituency. I assured that the people temporarily occupying houses and plots in the Power Project area and Middle Camp will be allotted the houses and orders will be issued within 100 days of forming the Government.

Similarly, Sant Nirankari Organisation will be allotted the space near new STNM hospital, Sochyagang, Sichey, as per their demand. Further, Duga Secondary School will be upgraded to senior secondary level, and Bhimsen Temple and Krishna Temple will be constructed in the area.

Speaking on the demands for Residential Certificates (RC) for all, I explained that the SDF Government has provided RCs to all those who are eligible as per the set norms. In addition, Trade Licences holders will enjoy the same facilities and rights as RC holders.

I appealled to the business community not to fall prey to vague assurances made by the opposition parties, and understand that SDF party is the only party which has safeguarded their interests and made them an integral part of the Sikkimese society at par with Bhutia, Lepcha and Nepali communities. They have been given equal political and social rights– they can even buy houses and land in bazar areas, have access to free medical facilities, free education, reservation in higher education and get welfare benefits or ‘sauliyat’ of the Government. We will also allot flats to the temporary dwellers in urban areas in housing colonies constructed by the Government. As per the demand of the business community, we will keep the period of renewal of licences to 5 years. Besides, we will continue our demand for income tax exemption for the business community. I reiterated that the SDF party and the Government has ensured peace, security, prestige and equal rights for the community. Nowhere in India are businessmen as safe as in Sikkim.

For West Pendam constituency, Kali Mandir at Gadi, Pendam will be completed within December 2019 and a college will be established in West Pendam.

Following are some of the policies we plan to implement after we form the new Government:-
– Safaikarmacharis will be regularized and paid thirteen months’ salary to reward them for their hard work.
– Creation of Sangha seat at the Panchayat level so as to give representation to the Sangha community right from the grassroots.
– A special package for retired employees, teachers, police, and all their demands would be looked into positively.
-To install a Vishwakarma Bhagwan statue in every bazar in Sikkim for the benefit of our driver brothers.

I reiterated that only a strong regional party can safeguard the legitimate rights of the Sikkimese people. I countered the claims made by BJP leader Ram Madhav in his recent public address at Ranipool. I said that I have worked with all sincerity to ensure that people of Sikkim become equal partners in nation building.

I appealed to the people to acknowledge the work done by the SDF Government in the last 25 years and cast their valuable votes in our favour. The 6th term of our Government will keep the people’s agenda as top priority and take Sikkim to greater heights of development and glory.