On the seventh day of our ‘Vijay Sankalp Rally’, I addressed the public of Barfung, Rangang-Yangang, Temi-Namphing and Sangha constituencies at Ravangla Bazar, today.

Following are the highlights of my address:-

The unprecedented development that Sikkim has witnessed in the last 25 years is testimony of the accomplishments of the SDF party and its leadership. We have given peace, security, freedom, progress, prosperity, opportunities and hope to the people of Sikkim. Most of all, there is no scarcity of anything whatsoever in the State, and all the basic needs have been met. We are steadily moving in the direction of ‘Kutchaa House free Sikkim’. Our party is the people’s party and it is in our ideology to ensure that every section of the people is uplifted. For people who do not have a house or plot of their own, we have plans to accommodate them in housing colonies constructed by the Government.

SDF party has kept the development of every section of the Sikkimese population on top priority. People have become prosperous; their purchasing power has increased. This is because of good governance and welfare-oriented policies of our government. Drivers, hoteliers, businessmen, youth, and people from all walks of life have prospered. It is due to our development policies, a little known place like Bhaley Dhunga in Yangang has become so popular today. After the completion of the Sky Walk, it will be known to the world. Ravangla, Yangang, Temi and Singtam will benefit the most from the project. The value of land will sky-rocket and it will largely benefit the people of Yangang and surrounding areas. Generations after generations will prosper and flourish. Bhaley Dhunga in Yangang is just one example; we have created such world class infrastructure throughout the State.

Most of us take politics very lightly. People who have failed in their life and careers are out to do politics and change the system. This is the irony of democracy, because in democracy anybody can contest elections. The leader of SKM party cannot contest elections till 10th August 2024, which means he cannot even contest the 2024 polls. Therefore, SKM party is a group of people without a leader. All the people who are following the leader are out to meet their selfish needs and desires. It is an ideology-less party which indulges in rampant violence.

Incidents of violence meted out on poor and innocent people mostly in villages have been reported in the past few days. SKM party known for indulging in violence and oppression in the name of politics are out to disturb the peace of Sikkim. They have physically abused innocent people in the name of politics. We will not tolerate such high handedness and will deal with the perpetrators with an iron fist. Our party is a peaceful and non-violent party, but when any harm is caused on our people, we will retaliate and destroy such forces who are trying to destroy Sikkim. We have maintained peace and security in the State for 25 years. Under no circumstances will we allow a bunch of people to disturb this peace. I warned the opposition party to immediately stop all forms of violence. If they continue with similar activities, our party will be compelled to retaliate and bring an end to their violence.

It is of paramount importance for us to ensure the safety and security of the people of Sikkim.These oppressors and extortionists have earned crores of rupees through unfair means in the past. We will give justice to all those who have been looted and suppressed by them. SDF party believes in ideology-based politics; and I challenge these ill-intentioned group of people to fight with us on ideology instead of harassing our innocent people.

Speaking about some of the area-specific demands, I shared our party’s plan to relocate Lal Bazar at Ravangla and remodel the existing place in line with MG Marg, Gangtok. Likewise, sewerage system will be upgraded and made world class. I also shared our plan to connect Phamtam and Sada with a motorable road of 5 km.

I assured the Tibetan community settled in Ravangla and other parts of Sikkim that the SDF party will continue to ensure equal rights and protection to them. Our Government has given political rights to the community as well as Government facilities and benefits at par with Sikkimese Bhutias.

I said that His Holiness the Dalai Lama has great faith in us and bestowed us with his blessings. I am extremely fortunate to have the blessings of His Holiness and other revered Gurus of all faiths to ensure victory for the people of Sikkim.

In the 25 years of our Government, we have made Sikkim a model State of secularism, where people belonging to all faiths can freely profess their religion. Along with creating places of worship, we have established centres of religious learning for intellectual development.

I appealed to the people of Barfung constituency to vote for SDF’s Sangha candidate, Acharya Tshering Lama, who is a pious soul, always righteous, and works for the development of Buddha dharma and propagation of Buddhist philosophy.

I also sought the support of the people to ensure victory for our contesting candidates from the Assembly constituencies and the Lok Sabha candidate.

I exhorted the party workers to work in coordination to ensure that SDF wins in all the 32 constituencies, and the parliamentary constituency. I expressed my love and respect for our party workers, who have been working tirelessly to reach out to the people in the door to door campaign.

Sharing the future programmes of the party, I informed that former panchayats will be given pension of minimum Rs. 5000 and salaries of sitting panchayats will be doubled. The services of ICDS and ASHA workers as well as all other temporary workers will be regularised. I also shared the future programmes as laid down in the party’s election manifesto.

I reiterated that the SDF party has ensured inclusive development of all communities of Sikkim. I urged our Sherpa brethren to have faith in the SDF party and assured that in the new Government, all pending demands of the community within the powers of the State Government will be addressed and fulfilled.

In conclusion, I stated that I have dedicated my life to the service of the people, and I will continue to serve our people till my last breath.

We will uproot all the negative elements from the State and ensure the victory of the people of Sikkim forever.